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The Juan XXIII School history began in the late 60s, when reverend Jose Lluch was sent from Alboraya to serve as a priest in San  Juande la Ribera in Burjassot. Our neighbourhood was the result of internal migration from this period with significant social mismatches. The neighbourhood lacked ofsewerage, public transport, schools, socialwelfare, school canteens, and sport facilities.

D.Jose met a group of people who were interested in improving the situation. After discussing the issueand overcoming the unforeseen events, this group set the statutes of trustees, elPatronato de Promoción Humana y Social de Juan XXIII, in accordance with the applicable law.The newly established institution was declared an Entity of social interest. D Jose ´s dream was that “no child,no matter how poor he may be, to be left out of school”

From this moment, the Pope John XXIII, his life and his philosophy would be their source of inspiration. A commitment from an ecumenical faith pushed the only educational project in the neighbourhoodsupporting  the Holy Gospel´s values. ThePatronato started to operate on 30thDecember 1966 with Valencia Civil government registration number 289 and with the number 5959 of Ministry of Interior.

Six months later, the Ministry of Education and Science recognised the Secondary School and the Vocational Training courses. Works required starting from a basic structure thanks to the funds and help D.Jose received from his former parish in Alboraya and from other benefactors. Working round the clock, the construction was completed on 1stDecember. The students began their classes on 10th December 1967, and they were 16 students in Secondary School.

In 1968, the project was consolidated and acquired social functions and the Youth Week was celebrated. The next year, they acquired the first bus and the lands of ParqueFallero in Burjassot, with the bank guarantee of a family, and the works of the second High School in the Isabel La Catolica street started.

Between 1970 and 1975, the premises grew and several projects were finished: The expansion of the bus fleet, the construction of a new building for Vocational training courses, the gymfacilities,the assembly hall,the indoor pool ,the residence Hall, the canteen  and the acquisition of the adjacent Chalet in Pi iMargallAvenue in Burjassot , for the playground enlargement. From the Patronato, it was also born the scout group Impeesa, inside the Catholic Movement.

The capacity of studentsincreades up to 2000. The school organised trips and excursions in both Spain and Europe,taking advantage of their own buses in order to help students afford travelling.

During one of his trips,D.JoseLluch, suffered from a seriousillness, which became worse and he did not come back.He died at down on 30 March, Easter Sunday, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Other people have taken over where he left off and they followed the way which he started with this High School with only 16 students.D.Josedesired people to understand education from the Christian´s Values and this great success was and still is possible due to the great human and professional quality of our teachers. They work hard every day to ensure Juan XXIII learners to bewell-educated and free men and women with the values the founder marked, with the good Pope Juan XXIII as a lighthouse and guidance.

Now, we struggle to be the model of educational innovation, highlighting the application of new technologies and methodologies to continue giving our best to the children of our neighbourhood and our town.

All of us are engaged in a lifelong learning process as teachers and launching new projects like our Instrumental group,the association of faith and leisure time or the Pictorial Contest for Burjassot´s  students.


In April 2014, on the occasion of the canonization of the Pope John XXIII and with great joy for that, among other events it was set up the celebration of The School day , which we expect it to become one of our major traditions andto gather us as a community.

All this we can accomplish with Saint John XXIII guidance, to help us in our journey towards the education of tomorrow.

School  Secretariat

Our office manages the administrative procedures required and provides services in school formalities.

We are open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:30 

Thursday from 16:00 to 18.00


 Where we are- contact us

Juan XXIII school has several   properties in Burjassot.The premises of Nursery and Primary school are located in Pi I Margall Avenue. There are also the premises for ESO, Baccalaureate, and Vocational training cycles at 400 meters in Isabel La CatolicaStreet, in independent buildings.           

Organisation chart

-Management board

  1. The President-
  2. Vice president-
  3. Treasurer
  4. The secretary
  • Regular members

Educational project

The Juan XXII Educational project is concerned with the School Entity Purposes, the trustee Patronato Juan XXIII.

It is based on Christian principles, on the values which express Pope John XXIII positive disposition and on our 40-years experience  in the field of education.

Some of the traits of Pope John XXIII which inspire the Institution and Patronato´s tasks are: a profound and simple religiosity, his conciliatory personality and ecumenical opening; his gentle, humble and kind treatment; a friendly,fraternal and hopeful style; an earnest effort; a determined commitment to the peace and social justice; and an omnipresent Pastoral  of renewal.

The Juan XXIII School has an educational project y in his ideology. That project is summarized in the following objectives.

1-To work on the creation of the right conditions to build comprehensive   total care education of the students.

2- To enable the school, as a socializing agent, to be a privileged place for developing values.

3- To assume the new conception of the school curriculum from LOGSE , knowing that quality of education is the main purpose.

4-To focus on the personal and material resources available in the Centre, in order to fulfill the above objectives.

5-To help the student to channel positively their capacity of communication from the values of reception, universality and solidarity.

Mediation project

Mediation is a method of conflict resolutions where opposingparties have the support of a mediator,which assists them to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

Whether you have a conflict, the commission of mediation can help you solve it.

Its members are:

  • A school representative
  • A parent´s representative
  • A Baccalaureate student
  • A teacher representative



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